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MK&A: Profile
MK&A  is a company that has been adding management and business value to its clients for more than 20 years. MK&A  helps its clients succeed in a variety of ways, including -
· Training
· Consulting
· Business and organizational diagnostics
· Management and business development
· Strategic planning
· Marketing
· Selling clients' services and products

Services are always suited to clients' timetables and budgets.

MK&A  provides solutions that are simple, applicable and, most important, effective in bringing about the desired results. Because the company knows how to suit its knowledge and experience to its clients' needs,  MK&A  has achieved impressive results in a great variety of businesses, for clients in a wide array of sectors.
For example, in the financial sector MK&A
has generated millions of dollars of profit.

MK&A's clients include such companies as Microsoft, Hilton Hotels, VISA Credit Cards, Intel, Coca Cola, Israel Aerospace Industries, AVIS Rent a Car, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Flying Cargo, Hyatt Hotels, Opel, Checkpoint Technologies and the Chicago Tribune.
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